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Due to the increased demand at present, our appointments are now listed for 45 minutes as standard rather than an hour.
When asking for an appointment, please tell us whether you would prefer in-person or over the phone.

Great that officers now able to access @_TDCP_ services via an app on their smartphones & recommend to victims. I’ve been supporting Daisy Chain with vital funding as they provide free, expert legal advice to victims of domestic abuse in Sussex #PCCsMakingADifference @AssocPCCs

Can anyone in Crawley help pls? @_TDCP_ work pro bono for victims of domestic abuse giving them free legal advice - very worthy organisation who I support wholeheartedly. Pls RT & see if we can get them office space @crawleybc @crawleynews24 @CrawleyOffice @CHTonline @County_Mall

Hello- we are opening satellite offices to see clients in different parts of Sussex. We have a few clients we need to see in Crawley, does anyone know of anywhere we can rent an office/room?

The Bill is now an Act!

The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill received Royal Assent last night.

Couples will finally be able to divorce without playing the blame game.

More later on this - but for now, THANK YOU to our brilliant members who made this happen! #proud