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Meet The Team

Everyone who made The Daisy Chain Project possible.

The Daisy Chain Project wouldn’t be possible without the incredible generosity of the following people. Our trustees have supported our endeavour to create a legal resource for those struggling with domestic abuse situations since the beginning, while our amazing team of lawyers donate hours of their time and tonnes of knowledge to support the cause.


Jade-Shannon Patrick

Jade-Shannon Patrick is the founder of this charity. She feels very strongly about helping those in abusive situations to get free of them having worked in in both Criminal and Family law.  Jade has a sensitive yet robust way of dealing with vulnerable clients and an extensive knowledge of the law in these areas. She also enjoys baking, music, and making her cats dress in tiny costumes.

Hayley Stoner

Hayley Stoner deals with the logistics of The Daisy Chain Project and is responsible for the organisation of collections and donations. Hayley has a methodical and sympathetic approach and is a true ‘people person’. Outside of the charity, Hayley likes to spend time with her young son and animals, as well as go to the theatre.

Simon Spence QC

Simon Spence QC is a criminal Queens Counsel based in London and East Anglia. He is rated in the Legal 500 and specialises in serious criminal law including murder, historic sexual abuse, and domestic violence. Simon has been on television lately regarding his work in the James Fairweather case, and a lot of his cases are widely reported in the media. When not working, Simon enjoys Opera, fine dining, and the company of his labrador, Humphrey.

William Skjott

William Skjott is a commercial and chancery law barrister based at Lamb Chambers. He is fluent in English and Danish with a working knowledge of Norwegian and Swedish. Outside of work, William has a keen interest in conservation, clay pigeon shooting which he does competitively, and the theatre.

Faye Shippam

Faye Shippam works in the shipping industry and is passionate about helping to educate and eradicate domestic violence. Outside of work, Faye enjoys attending concerts and socialising with her friends.


Our lawyers are fully regulated and qualified solicitors and barristers that practice in England and Wales. We have a variety of criminal and family law specialists.

Simon Myerson QC

Simon Myerson QC is a Queen’s Counsel with over 22 years of experience dealing with a breadth of criminal matters including but not limited to homicides, sexual offences, manslaughter and prosecutions for causing or allowing the death of a vulnerable person under the Domestic Violence Crime and Victims Act 2004.

Damian Stewart

Damian Stuart is a specialist Family and  Children’s Law barrister with over 20 years of experience. He has a sympathetic and systematic approach and can easily put clients minds at ease. Outside of work Damian enjoys writing, and his debut play ‘Remember Scarborough’ has just been to the Edinburgh Fringe.

Lawrence Watts

Lawrence Watts is a criminal solicitor based in Hull, Yorkshire. He has over two decades of experience and deals with most criminal matters, including assaults and injuries relating to domestic abuse.

Mark Peter Savage

Mark Peter Savage is a Higher Rights Solicitor Advocate dealing with criminal matters including domestic abuse. He is based in Essex and  outside of work enjoys spending time with his family and menagerie of cats.

Sarah Cook

Sarah Cook is a Family and Criminal law barrister based in Manchester. She has an active domestic abuse practice and is able to provide practical advice on the same. Outside of work, Sarah is interested in travel and supports a number of autism/special education charities.

Simon Elliott

Simon Elliott is a Criminal barrister based in London who prosecutes and defends in Crown Courts across the country. He gives practical and realistic advice. In his spare time, Simon enjoys stand up comedy, art, his new puppy and very jazzy trousers.

Philip Sinclair

Philip Sinclair is a Criminal barrister and head of Maidstone Chambers. He takes on high profile criminal cases including sexual offences and murder. Philip also enjoys shouting at the radio and sailing.

Kieran Galvin

Kieran Galvin specialises in serious criminal case. In his free time Kieran is an avid football fan and is passionate about animal rights and art.

Other members of the team

Dr Tosin Adekunle

Dr Tosin Adekunle is a psychiatrist and medical doctor (GMC number 7122754) who will help our clients with pro bono therapy if they need it due to trauma or anxiety about the court process.

The Daisy Chain Project

Domestic Abuse Prevention Charity- Legal advice
The Daisy Chain Project
The Daisy Chain Project
Hello all! Just to let you know we are working a little slower than normal due to our recent press coverage- we got an influx!

We have a little queue system in place so please bear with us- we are always happy to help where we can.

We also have recruited at least one, but possibly more, shiny new lawyers!

Stay tuned for more news 🙂
The Daisy Chain Project
The Daisy Chain Project
We’re fresh out of a team briefing at Worthing Job Centre in which we worked with Safe in Sussex to inform the Job Centre Staff about what they can do if they suspect one of their clients is in an abusive relationship.

We were told that with joint claims under Universal Credit, it is unfortunately possible for an abuser to exercise further control over their victim.

We believe education is the key to prevention regarding domestic abuse, and to recognise the signs can lead to early intervention.

If your organisation needs any information or briefings on the law surrounding domestic abuse, please give us a shout- we are more than happy to offer this service!
The Daisy Chain Project
The Daisy Chain Project
Hi all, welcome to the new followers on this sunny day!

A friendly reminder- we will only offer you legal advice if you are the victim of the domestic abuse.

We take this view because we feel it is safer for genuine victims as we cannot prove so that we are sure that another ‘interested’ party won’t jeopardise the case and put the victim in more danger. We will also not divulge any information about any of our clients to anybody who asks us but for in circumstances where the client agrees for us to share information with other services.

If you are concerned about a friend, colleague, or family member, please gently encourage them to contact us for legal advice, or many of the other fabulous organisations out there for more practical advice.

Thank you.
The Daisy Chain Project
The Daisy Chain Project shared a post.
We are thrilled! Thanks so much to the OSPCC!
The Daisy Chain Project
The Daisy Chain Project
Now the election is over we can announce we have received £8,500.00 in funding from National Lottery Awards For All.

This means that we have been able to fund a mobile phone app, which our app designer is currently designing (more on that in the future but we are very excited!)

And another book!

We have MORE news to share very very soon!

Other people in similar situations as us- what do you do if with no notification a client is half an hour late for an appointment? Do you just accept they aren’t coming, try and contact them, or strike them off so they aren’t a client anymore?

Another really positive result for a client today. #wearekeepingyousafe

If you need our assistance, please note that although we can complete things quickly, court the same or next day is something we are unlikely to be able to help with. We always will if we can, but unfortunately due to court deadlines etc it isn’t always possible

Calling all lawyers - want to make a difference and put something back? Please contact @_TDCP_ and volunteer your services to help victims of domestic abuse in Sussex #VolunteersRock

A first in the UK - pro bono legal advice for victims of domestic abuse in Sussex @MoJGovUK @AssocPCCs

Also can we take a moment to appreciate our existing legal team, who are absolutely amazing?! Big love to all of you. Without you, none of this would be possible. Especially @DamianAStuart @MarkPeterSavage @simonspenceQC and Lawrence Watts, whose handle I can’t remember