How can we help?

We provide pro-bono legal advice to men and women experiencing, or fleeing, domestic abuse. This advice is supported by our team of regulated barristers and solicitors.

This website

We want this website to be an educational resource for legal options and advice when dealing with domestic abuse situations, which we will be updating on a weekly basis.

How can you help?

We’re passionate about helping our local community. We support and help our local refuge centres by providing necessary products for men, women, and children. You can donate to us here.

About The Daisy Chain Project

The Daisy Chain Project is a  charity based in Worthing, West Sussex, UK with a UK-wide reach. They aim to help fight domestic violence by providing pro bono legal advice. The charity also wants to educate people about what constitutes domestic abuse, for example by writing a childrens’ book about domestic abuse.

The Daisy Chain Project has its own legal team, consisting of experienced, qualified, and fully regulated barristers and solicitors who offer free legal support to men and women experiencing, or fleeing, domestic abuse. They are regulated by the Bar Standards Board and Solicitors Regulation Authority respectively, so you know we only work with the most trustworthy and experienced team.

This legal support is entirely voluntary and each member is passionate about supporting as many people as possible escape from vulnerable situations. Our advice and correspondence with you is entirely confidential; we will not share data with any other authority or service [i.e. police, social services] unless you request for us to do so on your behalf.

Our Latest Projects

DAIS Evidence App

Domestic Abuse Information System (DAIS) app. We have designed an app for domestic abuse victims and developed it with fabulous Mark Webb.

The app is a way to log photo and video evidence, incident details and feelings with a date, time, and location stamp. 

Find out more on the App Store or Google Play Store

The Garden Broom

The Garden Broom is a book suitable for children of age three years and above. It discusses the topic of domestic abuse and shows children the correct procedure to follow if there is trouble at home. It is produced on behalf of The Daisy Chain Project, a legal advice and support charity for victims of domestic abuse.

Available now on: Amazon, Waterstones, WH Smith, Blackwells, or Barnes & Noble

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