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Special Measures In Court

Provision for special measures in family proceedings is made in Part 3A of the Family Procedure Rules 2010, which is supported by Practice Direction 3AA.

Supporting you through your court case

Special measures are a series of arrangements which can assist a party or witness to participate in, or give evidence, in court proceedings. The family courts have power to produce ‘participation directions’ in order to help a person during the proceedings, and this can include a direction that a particular measure should be made available to the party requesting it.

There are a range of special measures available in family proceedings to help parties and witnesses, which include allowing them to give evidence from behind a screen in court or via a live link, or giving them the assistance of an intermediary. Further protections offered by the Court can include separate entrances and exits for the parties, different toileting facilities, and use of a differing waiting area. This can reduce feelings of intimidation, and help to achieve best evidence in family court proceedings.