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In light of the Government’s most recent plans to tackle COVID – 19. We have taken the sad decision to put on hold any face to face appointments, we will do as much as possible via email and are looking into alternative means of communication, e.g. Video calling.

We will keep all court dates and still proceed with filing court paperwork for as long as they stay open.

We have taken the decision to work from home as much as possible, this means that our phone will NOT be answered during this time. We advice anyone to contact us via email and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

Email address is

We will keep an eye on the situation daily, should anything need to change we will let you know.

Thank you for understanding

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We really need someone to cover a second hearing for an NMO/ Occupation Order for one of our lovely clients. If you are direct access, can you please pop us a quote of how much you would charge for this? Thank you.

A masters degree & a private school education. Yet I still became a victim of domestic abuse. We need to overturn this idea that female victims are only vulnerable women & girls that have fallen in with “bad people”*. ANY WOMAN can become a victim. #HiddenHarms


Thank f*** for that.
Imagine if they were enabling people too stupid to prioritise the health of themselves & those around them just for the sake of someone else making them coffee!

A homeless man has been charged with ‘leaving the place you were living, namely no fixed address’ during lockdown.

The judge is questioning the decision but CPS are determined it will go to trial.