The Daisy Chain Project- Terms and Conditions



The Daisy Chain Project

Terms and Conditions

  1. Clients are prioritised on a ‘need’ basis using The Daisy Chain Project’s own matrix of risk of harm to the victim of domestic abuse.
  2. It is the Client’s responsibility to choose whether or not to follow the advice given.
  3. The Daisy Chain Project require full honesty and transparency in the information given for them to work on Court proceedings. Failure to be honest can result in Contempt of Court proceedings being lodged against the Client.
  4. The Daisy Chain Project choose who they provide Counsel for and are under no obligation to provide a legal representative; Counsel are allocated on the basis of risk of harm to the Client, when the Court proceedings are, The Daisy Chain Project’s financial situation, and whether the cases has good prospects.
  5. The Daisy Chain Project reserves their right to withdraw support given to a Client at any time. Reasons for this may include: dishonesty, poor presentation in Court, non-compliance, conflict of interest, further information coming to light which may unsettle the credibility of the Client, abusive behaviour towards their staff, and the case not being financially viable.
  6. All of The Daisy Chain Project’s assistance is entirely free to the Client.
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