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Due to the increased demand at present, our appointments are now listed for 45 minutes as standard rather than an hour.
When asking for an appointment, please tell us whether you would prefer in-person or over the phone. It is with regret due to the current Covid-19 outbreak that we ask for you to attend alone, or with one supporter. It is preferred if you do not bring your children, but this is allowable if unavoidable (we have a safe, cleanable, children’s area.)
We have been in the process of setting up satellite offices in Brighton and Crawley, and will keep you updated as to when we can accept appointments in these premises.

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This is normal Amazon, but it means we get a small amount of money when you purchase <3

We've got one lovely student already, but we are still on the look out for Law students to come and help us with our increased case load. Duties: helping to manage cases, and maybe a bit of (supervised) drafting. Email us: info if you are interested

Are any other services noticing an influx in child on parent, parent on child, and elderly domestic abuse?

Does anyone have a good template for a response to a section 7 report?

Ours has gone a little haywire! Thank you!

Local Law Student (Sussex) we need you! We are looking for a few law students to help us with our admin and bundle prep. Please enquire to info

Thank you. 😊
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Our book helping child victims of domestic abuse is now out and available in Waterstones, WH Smith, Amazon, Blackwells and other places.